Digital Download – Delicate Cake Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe and Vegan Royal Icing Recipe Downloadable PDF

This is my preferred vegan sugar cookie recipe when decorating with vegan royal icing. This vegan sugar cookie keeps its shape with neat edges while baking. It tastes great and is tender at the centre with crisp edges. This recipe is ideal for making cookies to be decorated with vegan royal icing.

With this purchase, you will also receive the vegan royal icing recipe, which is made with aquafaba. You can read more about vegan royal icing here: Vegan Royal Icing Consistencies and Useful Tips. You can use this vegan icing recipe to make perfectly smooth vegan icing cookies. This vegan icing also performs well in making beautiful decorations, such as brush embroidered flowers and bead borders.

DISCLAIMER: The outcome of these recipes can be affected by many factors, including but not limited to weather, altitude, variations in baking equipment and tools, as well as brand of ingredients used. It is recommended that you make a trial batch and make the necessary adjustments BEFORE making vegan cookies or vegan royal icing for a special occasion or for your orders. This is a recipe that is used on a regular basis at Delicate Cake with pleasing results, but that does not mean that it will be right for everyone. Please read this post for more information on making vegan sugar cookies.