Spring is here and blossoms are bursting into life – what better way to welcome the new season than a display of vegan floral embroidery cookies?

I have visited the Adelaide Botanic Garden twice for its blooming wisteria lately. Everyone here were totally carried away by the lovely aroma and enchanting violet view there. Together with the roses and irises awakening in my garden back home, I do have a colourful, lively and vibrant spring here. Embracing blossoms and foliage these days, I celebrate the arrival of warmer season by making these floral embroidery icing cookies.

ground elder embroidery icing cookie
embroidery icing cookies in adelaide
blue star flower embroidery icing cookie
chamomile embroidery icing cookie

Using royal icing embroidery technique, I showcase ground elders, chamomile, blue star flowers, larkspurs, allium and wild daisies on these spring flower cookies. Royal icing embroidery is excellent in giving warm and intricate finishing touches to your cookies. Embroidery cookies and cakes are gaining popularity in recent year. They are guaranteed to impress everyone on all occasions. Simply by putting very small amount of icing in a mini DIY piping cone (get instructions on how to make one as illustrated by Sawsen Cake Decorating Tutorials here), you can virtually pipe or outline any patterns as in embroidery on your cookies. You can also use this technique to make elegant boutique cakes too. Read this post for more information on royal icing embroidery cakes.

flower embroidery icing cookies
daisy embroidery icing cookie vegan adelaide
allium embroidery icing cookie

Join me in bringing the outdoors in and get creative with flowers and foliage while crafting icing cookies. Check out these posts on more ideas to showcase flowers on icing cookies: Vegan Spring Flower Icing Cookies, Piped Flower Cookies and Painted Roses Cookies.

You can find more tips on making vegan royal icing for these floral embroidery cookies here.