Come and join us to create unique sugar art pieces for your special ones.

Seasonal Classes

Vegan Christmas Stained Glass Cookies


In this beginner level class, you will craft these beautiful stained glass vegan icing cookies and take home with you 8 uniquely decorated cookies to impress your loved ones for coming Christmas. You will also learn several different vegan royal icing decorating techniques including:

  • making vegan royal icing;
  • thinning vegan icing to the correct consistency;
  • flooding; and
  • using food colouring to define design and create stained-glass effect

All materials including the recipes for vegan royal icing and vegan sugar cookies as well as a cookie display box will be provided.



23 November 2019


30 November 2019


7 December 2019




Session A1:

9 am – 12 noon


Session A2:

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Session B1:

9am – 12 noon


Session B2:

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Session C1:

9 am – 12 noon


Session C2:

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm


In. Studio + Café

268 Pirie Street SA 5000 Adelaide

Class size: Maximum of 6 participants in each class
Fee: AU$140 per participant


You can book your place by email to, with the following information provided:

  • name
  • contact number
  • preferred session number

Upon receipt of your email, payment details for securing your booking will then be sent to you.

Regular Classes

Floral Icing Cookies (Beginner level)

Learn to make these floral pattern cookies in this 3-hour class. (Coming soon)

Alice in Wonderland Icing Cookies (Intermediate level)

Enter the world of Alice and learn to make this set of playful yet elegant cookies in this 4-hour class. (Coming soon)

Private Classes

One-on-one classes

Various private class options from half-day, one- to two-day, basic to advanced level cookie or cake classes are available to suit your or your group’s needs and time schedule.  (Coming soon)