vegan spring flower cookies adelaide
vegan spring cookie bouquet australia

Are you enjoying spring time here in Adelaide? I celebrate the arrival of spring here by crafting these vegan spring flower cookies made from vegan royal icing.

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess and Cooking on Caffeine, I have been experimenting on vegan royal icing and vegan sugar cookies lately. With repeated efforts, finally here it comes the perfect vegan cookies and vegan royal icing, then I think to myself, why not make some lovely vegan spring flower cookies? I am so pleased with the result of the vegan royal icing, as it works as good as traditional icing in terms of flooding, colouring and brush embroidery.

With these beautiful flower cookies and a Wilton cookie pop potted bouquet kit in hand, I turned some of them into cookie pops and made a cute lil cookie bouquet gift for a friend who has recently graduated as a commercial airline pilot here in Adelaide.

For the rest of the flower cookies, I cannot resist putting them on an adorable shiba inu dessert plate, which is a customised gift from a dear girlfriend of mine, the cookies just complement the plate so well!

Surrounded by blooming flowers these days, I got many cookie inspirations coming up, please stay tuned for more spring cookies ideas. In the meantime, you may wish to visit my previous blog entries for past spring cookies projects, among them are botanical cookies, gold leaf sakura cookies and matcha primrose cookies.

You can find more tips on making vegan royal icing for these spring flower cookies here.

I wish you all a lovely and happy Spring!